Meet our Team

Gina de Paiva – Co-Founder

B.A., UCLA – Psychology
Ed.M, Harvard University – Education: Adolescent and Human Development
J.D., University of Pennsylvania

With degrees from three of the finest universities in the country, Gina was a unique graduate able to choose from a variety of challenging career options. After a six-year career that included a position in one of the country’s top law firms, Gina discovered her passion for education. Drawing upon her Harvard emphasis in adolescent and human development, Gina happily moved from the courtroom to the classroom where she taught both elementary and middle school for five years prior to Growing Minds. As the co-founder of Growing Minds, Gina brings her ability to connect with each student and tailor individualized learning programs based on both academic and social patterns.



Milly Roseman – Co-Founder

B.A., UC Berkeley – Rhetoric
B.A., UC Berkeley – Near Eastern Studies
M.A., UCLA – Education-Gifted/CLAD Certification
ED.M Pepperdine University – Educational Administration

While pursuing her Master’s degree, Milly focused on gifted children and the various programs available throughout the country that identify and foster individual needs. With seven years experience in the classroom, Milly developed programs that promote inclusion and differentiated instruction. Seeking an opportunity to incorporate her passion for teaching throughout different mediums, Milly co-founded Growing Minds. Milly brings to Growing Minds her life vision of an educational center that assists students with academic goals in a realistic, individualized, and highly effective manner.



Bob Burris – History Specialist/Head Writer

B.A., CSUN – Film Production
CBest Certification

In addition to being an accomplished educator, Bob is a published author and has written and produced numerous television shows and films. He specializes in working with students in language arts, social studies, standardized test preparation and writing/composition. He combines a unique blend of professional and classroom experience to enrich the students with whom he works.



Heather Diamond – Director of Academic Affairs

B.S., CSUN – Consumer Affairs; Marketing
Ed.M University of Phoenix – Secondary Education/CBest Certification

With a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, Heather is a multi-talented educator in all academic areas, including history, English, math, science, and various languages. Heather has chosen to focus on one-to-one tutoring, as she values the connection formed and results achieved when working with one child at a time. In addition, Heather has received specific training in the different teaching methods applicable to visual versus auditory learners, and she incorporates these techniques with her students on a daily basis. Heather brings an ebullient personality and a wide range of subject matter knowledge to the students at Growing Minds.



Jerico Olivari – Writer/Humanities Tutor

B.A., University of Tampa – Marketing

Entering his fourth year at Growing Minds, Jerico maintains expertise in English, Spanish, history, writing, and all humanities-based subjects. As a seasoned writer, with decades of experience, he instills confidence and commitment in his students. His inviting personality and passion for education make him a source of inspiration for his students. Jerico believes that developing a mentor-student connection is vital in allowing students to access their greatest potentials.



Tabitha Gruendyke – Tutor/Administrative Assistant

B.A., Wellesley College – Sociology

Graduating in 2019 from one of the most exceptional liberal arts and historically women colleges, Tabitha offers a diverse perspective on the college experience. Through Wellesley’s partnership with MIT, Tabitha had the opportunity to pursue her interests in journalism and urban studies as an undergraduate researcher for their urban planning department. At Wellesley, Tabitha spent her time studying history and theory, performing ethnographic studies, and connecting students with alums in the creative industries. Her skills in research and writing, and her passions for cities and design, led her to internships with some of the world’s top public relation agencies and brands including Ogilvy and Gap Inc. Today, as an avid writer and assistant account manager for fashion powerhouse People’s Revolution, Tabitha brings her fluidity in writing and adeptness for client branding to help students recognize their strengths and tell their stories.



Hannah Carmi – Tutor/Administrative Assistant

 B.A., UCLA – Communication Studies

Hannah is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of UCLA in Communication Studies. Since graduating in 2017, she has pursued the study of science and its medical applications, specifically focusing on becoming a Physician Assistant. While continuing her education, Hannah has maintained a part time career in medicine, shadowed multiple physicians, volunteered her time, and currently works as an educator at Growing Minds. She is passionate about helping others achieve their highest potential in their studies and social affairs.



Maggie Faigen – Writer

B.S., Boston University – Communications
MPP, UCLA – Public Policy Analysis

After four years working in corporate public relations, Maggie found a passion for the public sector and pursued a Master’s degree in public policy where she focused on environmental issues and sustainable development. With a versatile background, Maggie is a big-picture thinker who brings both qualitative and quantitative expertise to her work at Growing Minds.



Rina Romo – Director of Online Services

B.A., CSUN — Sociology

For over eleven years, Rina has worked with students in a range of subjects from statistics to Spanish, helping them cultivate the tools they need to bridge learning gaps outside of the classroom. Rina knows that instilling confidence and nurturing a growth mindset are essential to a student’s success in any field. Rina has the adaptability and patience needed to support students in our ever-changing educational climate. As the Online Director at Growing Minds, she is extremely knowledgeable in the current virtual online platform. ¡Vamos!



Roye Bustan – Math and Science Specialist

B.S., UCSD – Applied Mathematics

Roye provides personalized instruction and assistance in mathematics. He assists with strategic math skills and personally believes that anybody can enjoy and learn math effectively with a distinct and individualized education. In his spare time, Roye likes to code and research algorithms that involve machine learning.




Daniel Pineda – Math and Science Specialist

B.S., UCLA – Physics

Daniel has been working at Growing Minds since his senior year in high school. While earning his Bachelor’s degree, he was a part of the Academic Advancement Program and led interactive discussions in introductory physics primarily with first generation and underrepresented college students. Daniel brings years of understanding common misconceptions about math and physics while adapting to each individual student’s learning style. He believes that every student can and should develop their own personal intuition about the material.



Arman Behjoo – Math and Science Specialist

B.A., UCLA – Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

On his path to medical school, Arman has vigorously studied all the different sciences and has received a degree from one of the most prominent universities in the nation. He has extensive experience with taking standardized tests, which is evident from his scoring in the 97th percentile on the MCAT. Arman’s tutoring style is to not only aid in understanding, but to impart an enthusiasm and passion for the field that will allow the student to thrive in any subject.



Trent Olsen – Writer

B.A., USC – American Studies; Concentration in Cultural & Intellectual Life; Minor in Film

After years of comic book and screenwriting, Trent found himself falling back into his teaching roots. With over ten years of experience working with students at film schools to summer camps, the pull of a more personalized and catered teaching experience drew him to the Growing Minds family. With his strengths in English and creative writing, Trent finds value in being able to identify and capitalize on finding the unique story behind every student. He’s also happy to diagnose himself as being the biggest pop culture geek in the room. 



Morgan McMasters – Tutor

B.S., UCLA – Biology

Morgan is a UCLA graduate with aspirations to soon go to medical school. While science and math are her favorite subjects in school she has been lucky enough to find the intersectionality of these subjects, global policy, and sustainability practices while doing environmental conservation research at UCLA. She is passionate about community health and believes this begins with having access to a quality education. Throughout college Morgan tutored math subjects to both college level and high school level students, eventually bringing her to Growing Minds as a valued member of the team.