There is simply no rating that could define my experience with Growing Minds and the incredible team that Milly and Gina put together. Whether it is for one on one tutoring, standardized test prep, or academic counseling, their staff such as Jerico, Rina, Daniel, and Bob are simply the best for inspiring students to work hard at achieving their educational goals. Both my sister and I came to Milly from a referral from a friend, and we were amazed. The staff makes it a joy to learn and to enrich your education. There is not enough praise that I could give Growing Minds. When you need them the most, the whole team is there to support their students, even amidst this COVID-19 crisis. It is entirely because of Milly and her excellent staff’s guidance that I was able to get into all of the universities that I dreamed of, and I am sure that they will be able to yield those same results for any of their clientele who are willing to take their advice and instruction to heart! Make the best decision for yourself and your family and go to Growing Minds. They will go above and beyond the expectations that I already set!

Oriel N. – USC: Class of 2022

By far the best tutoring and prep service in Los Angeles. The drive may be far, but it’s definitely worth it! Beyond excellent in writing college applications.

Daniel E. – USC: Class of 2022

The best college counselors you will ever find!!!!! Gina and Milly are brilliant and hilarious. They get the job done.

Emily L. – University of Colorado: Class of 2023

When my son and I first met with Milly Roseman at Growing Minds, he was a mediocre, underperforming student at Santa Monica College, with no direction and really no prospects for getting into a decent 4 year college. After Milly took him under her wing, he graduated from Chapman University with a 3.72 GPA, he has had two papers published in scholarly publications and one of his class projects was included in Google Scholar. Best of all, Milly ignited his ambition and thirst for knowledge. He recently applied to several Master’s programs, and so far he has been accepted to one of his top choices. Milly has been a tireless advocate and cheerleader for my son. Her in-depth knowledge of the university application process, as well as her broad and extensive knowledge of the individual universities themselves is astounding. We live in west Los Angeles and we would have happily driven three times the distance to meet with Milly.

Lisa K.

I’m a transfer student and I got into my dream school today. I really could not have done it without Milly and Growing Minds. They made the application process way less stressful and much easier. Milly was always there for me and I know she cares a lot about my successes. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done for me.

Lior E.

Milly and Gina are absolutely incredible at what they do, and I would recommend their services to anybody! With their help and careful assistance, I was able to turn my dreams into a reality and get into the graduate program of my dreams!!! They are incredible, honest, funny, and make everybody who steps in their office feel at home. Whether you need help with college applications, transfer applications, or graduate school applications, GM should be your go to place!

Jenny S.

Milly, Gina and Bob are amazing. Bob is such a great tutor, he is so knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend his tutoring services. Gina and Milly are the best college counselors ever. They really help you with every detail when it comes to applying to schools. They are very hands on and always make sure you are doing everything you need to do for the application process. Gina literally walks me through every step of my Law School applications and she checked-in with me all the time, alleviating my anxiety at every turn. Thank you Growing Minds!!!

Jordan M.

Growing Minds enhanced my writing voice and helped me tackle the logistics of the application process in a superb way. It is thanks to Gina and Milly that today I attend Yale!

Jack M. – Yale: Class of 2024

To say our son was anxious about getting into a good college doesn’t really describe his stressed out mind set. After we walked out of our fist meeting with Gina, he turned to me with a big smile and said “Looks like I am going to college”. He applied to 15 schools and got into 12 of them. All 12 offered him merit scholarships and he was not a straight A student. Every session with Gina, boosted my son’s confidence. She was funny, passionate and patient, everything you need in a college counselor.

Susan S.

Our son has been working with Gina and Milly for three years. Through their thoughtful insight, tailored approach, and unwavering dedication, they have significantly altered his academic trajectory. He has not only begun excelling in his coursework, but has also gained confidence that colors his world even beyond the classroom. We are forever grateful for Growing Minds’ transforming our son’s life.

Joshua S.

High school can throw a person many ups and downs over the course of four years. I am thankful to the counselors at Growing Minds who have listened and have provided insight to help my son navigate through the academic demands and all the decisions he has to make for college. They have invested so much time and I appreciate and thank them for their time and care. My son will be graduating high school soon and I can see what a positive role the counselors and staff have made in his life. I hope my son will carry all the suggestions and advice with him for years to come.


There is just no other College Guidance place like Growing Minds, period. The whole team at the office is just amazing and they make you feel like family. Gina guided us through the college process with great ease, knowledge and advise and resulted in admission into the top universities in the country, including Ivies. I cannot recommend their services highly enough as they are the number one at what they do!!

Anonymous – Princeton: Class of 2024